An Open Letter from Masons working the Modern Rite In North American and the Caribbean


My Dear and Esteemed Brothers and Sisters: 

Greetings and Salutations to all members of the Union Masonica a Universal Del Rito Moderno from the Valley of Los Angeles. It is my privilege and honor to announce that on 27 de Julio of 2012 the Supremo Consejo del Rito Moderno, under the distinguished leadership of José Maria B. Batalla Soberano Grande Inspetor Geral do Supremo Conselho do Rito Moderno, working in the Valley of Rio de Janeiro ,issued a Patent for the Orders of Wisdom I, II, III, and IV of for the Grand Chapter General of the Modern Rite for North America and the Caribbean. The Grand Chapter General of the Modern Rite for North America will be working the Higher Orders of Wisdom using rituals that have been drawn from the Portuguese language.
In addition, on behalf of Brother Eoghan Ballard, the new Grand Master of the Mixed Grand Lodge of the Modern Rite for North America and the Caribbean, working in the Orient of Philadelphia, it is my deep honor to announce that he, on behalf of his Brothers and Sisters, has received the Patent for the Mixed Grand Lodge of the Modern Rite of North America and the Caribbean from O. Vallejo Rueda., S.'. C.'. of the SCRM para el Ecuador, working in the Equatorial Andes, and around the world. The Patent was received on 12 Julio 2012. 

Masons with the deepest respect for the Modern Rite in North America and the Caribbean have gathered together to support wholeheartedly the philosophy, principles and practices as clearly stated in the Charter of Barcelona of 2011. It is a great joy and deep responsibility to now be a member of UMURM whose members pledge mutual aid to each other, support for universal freemasonry and service to wider humanity and the planet which sustains us all. 

The Western Hemisphere has now come together in working the Modern Rite following the great traditions and Masonic inheritance of the Supremo Consejo del Rito Moderno of Brazil whose work moves in an unbroken chain from 1842 to the present day, and whose rich masonic inheritance reaches back before that date into the origins of the Modern Rite. Strong bridges are being built with Europe and other parts of the world. Much work is now in front of us and many joys. 

Our biggest job now will be to develop a literature available in English on the modern rite, which is for all intents and purposes, nonexistent. We are looking forward to providing both materials on historical subjects, as well as (and this is of more immediate concern for us), appropriate educational materials for students concerning ritual, ethics and traditions of the modern rite. Our strong commitment to research, education, and friendly debate within and without the lodge and our need to translate rituals, makes such a focus inevitable. We look forward to sharing the values ​​and perspectives of the Modern Rite, ritual, ethics, intellectually and morally with the larger society to whom exposure to these tradtitions have long been unavailable, or is available only to a small few, and most often outside the natural language of a large number of people in this region. Our brothers in Cuba, who have been energetically developing their community in anticipation of these charters have the advantage of accessing an embarrassment of riches in their own language. We hope to contribute to the development of forms of communication and interpretation of the symbols of the craft in a form which is new to our region and, indeed, to revive the tradition of the Modern Rite of North America and the Caribbean extending from the hand of the fellowship to all who wish to participate in this effort. 

Again, we wish to express our deep appreciation to everyone who helped make this vision come true.

John Slifko & Eoghan Ballard

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